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Energy medicine lies in the intrinsic knowledge to bring ourselves back to “true form”. It is founded in the understanding that all systems are connected at the vibrational level (mind, body, emotions). By introducing frequencies that signal our energy system – all the way down to the cellular level – to return to a relaxed state of high functionality, we are able to harness our full creative potential. As the creators of our lives we are able to heal fear-based patterns and bring more balance, joy, and abundance into our worlds and the worlds of others around us. There are many different ways to “tune in” and reprogram our energies, and at In One’s Element our mission is to help you realize your abilities to heal and align with your full form.

Classes and Courses

rainbow bridge reiki and guided imagery

Chakra Workshops

Relax, tune in, and learn about the energy system and how to work directly with it during a 90-minute healing experience.

women performing yoga on green grass near trees

Yoga in Your Element

No matter your experience in yoga, expand your connection to breath, body, and overall liveliness.

crop masseuse performing reiki massage

School of Energy Medicine

Discover your own energy medicine…become your own healer.
– Courses include Reiki Certification

One-On-One Sessions

Reiki Energy Healing

Balancing and clearing at the vibrational, metaphysical, and emotional levels. Learn more


Physical, energetic, mental, and emotional clearing and balancing. Learn more

Half-day Healing

Full, extended energy healing session with guided body/mind relaxation and coaching. Learn more

“Jennifer has a wonderful talent and gift when it comes to massage and reiki. Her remote reiki skills have helped to balance my body and mind both emotionally and physically. I suggest her for both in person and remote healing experiences.” – Crystal

Shamanic Hypnotherapy Journey

Clearing, releasing, spiritual exploration, and deep healing. Learn more

Past-Life Regression

Discovering the root of deeper aspects of yourself and understanding life purpose. Learn more

Tarot/Energy Reading

Topic suggestions: Career, Relationships, Higher Self, Removing Blocks, Personal Development, Healing. Learn more

“Jen and Myia are both amazing! My son and I have had several reiki sessions and they are always fantastic. Highly recommend!” – Claudia


Herbs and Tinctures for Natural Health

Tinctures, tonics, and E-books (learn how to make your own tincture at home with our recipes!) for supporting the physical body. Made by Jennifer.

Who we are

We are Jennifer and Myia, mother and daughter each with a passion for the human’s ability to naturally heal. We believe that everyone has the ability to expand through tapping into their own energy medicine.

Sometimes we all need a little nudge, support, and direction. Wherever you are, we strive to help you catalyze through deepening your connection to self and the universe and supporting you with the tools and guidance to do so.

Our classes are intimate and personal, and each session is designed to meet and take you forward from your current place on your journey. Schedule a free consultation

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