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Thoughts from the Reiki Student

A review of the Reiki I and II Certification – written by Haley A.

“The atmosphere is warm and comfortable, entirely at ease. Every particle in my body is humming gently as I sink to my spot in the room. My heart feels ready to burst open with anticipation of the soon-to-be endowed skills and my mind is soaking in relaxation, lowered physical senses and heightened intuition. The energy of the class is set before the first words are said, and thus, my first taste of Reiki class with Jennifer and Myia. 

I won’t be giving away any of the secrets involved in my Reiki transformation weekend taking the Reiki I and II courses with In One’s Element. It is nearly impossible for me not to gush to everyone about the sacred journey, but there is this feeling that the experience is too special, too personal for me to even try to put into words to anyone, even my husband and my mom. I will say however, both of those people, who I share my whole world with, want to take the Reiki I and II course with IOE too! I am writing this article because I am overwhelmingly enthusiastic about sharing why I took this course in the first place, my opinion on the curriculum and teaching from an objective standpoint, how it has shifted my existence on a micro and macro scale, as well as what I actually do with reiki.

I had my first experience with reiki at the reiki masters’ home but not in a typical kind of way. It was marginally traumatizing – my baby girl slipped face forward onto slick concrete and hit her forehead so hard I could immediately see the inflammation and pain. I scooped my baby up and held back my own tears as she wailed. Jen came over and started wicking away the intense overflow of energy and channeling in calm, healing energy. My daughter’s crying ceased immediately and my husband and I watched in wonder as the swelling and redness dissipated dramatically. The bulb flashed on in my head as I knew, I had to learn reiki. The insane curiosity mixed with the urge to heal my family took over. It didn’t matter that we were building a house or that my baby girl was still nursing, the Reiki I and II course was prioritized and scheduled soon after that. 

From an academic “being-a-student” standpoint, I have been through the good, the bad, and the ugly in terms of classes all the way up to my Master’s degree (in teaching, nonetheless). When I decide to take a class on something, I cannot help but be a student to the curriculum design and teaching methodology as well as the content. This critique is especially important these days when the range in pricing, platform and quality in any subject varies so widely. For example, you can become reiki certified online for a hundred dollars or go to an institute for a few thousand dollars. Depending on the curriculum, the teachers and the student however, the results reflect on the quality of the program as a whole. From this basis, I say with certainty that Jennifer and Myia have high quality classes from top to bottom. The curriculum design is thorough but fluid. It allows for every objective to be expanded or contracted based on the needs and curiosities of the students when complimented by the intuitiveness of their teaching techniques. The exercises and activities such as guided meditations, self-healings and the student reiki practice on one another are preparative and timely from one part of the class to another. The material is relevant because the masters insert their own experiences while also making the effort to know their students and make the class about them and their lives, not just the ancient and traditional knowledge. Additionally, co-teaching is not an easy thing to do. It takes time and relationship to be able to teach a class alongside someone, but this mother-daughter duo never miss a beat. My potential for drawling on about how impressed I was with the quality of this course is far too great so it shall suffice to say that they do an amazing job teaching the material and passing on the art. 

Now, when people say something “changed their life” it’s dubious about whether this was a long-lasting or important shift. To me, having been introduced to reiki through the Reiki I and II classes, I can honestly say with complete certainty that my life is not quite the same. There are a range of small things like my husband smashing his finger or my baby hitting her head on something and me being able to take away the pain and bring forth healing with immediate results. There are the routine things like practicing reiki on my family members and entering healing discussions. There are the monumental things like performing reiki on a longtime friend and her having major breakthroughs emotionally and spiritually. Then there are the personal things. My persistence and confidence in changing the path of my life based on what I want has never been stronger because I am better attuned to feeling the heartbeat of the universe now. I no longer feel like a victim of modern circumstances where the doctors will mistreat me or my family members for problems caused by the stressful demands of our society, the pollution of our environment and the toxins in our foods. I know that I am powerful because I have the Source’s healing energy at my fingertips, just as I always did but now am awakened to. The change is real because I want it to be real- and it’s powerful and unbelievably beautiful. I can’t even imagine what I’ll be feeling when I take my Reiki master courses!”

THANK you Haley for your wonderful review! We cannot wait to work with you more in the future 🙂

With love,

Jen & Myia at In One’s Element

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