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With several decades of healing knowledge, mother-daughter duo Jennifer and Myia provide a personal experience and in-depth understanding of energy work for all students – beginners and seasoned alike. In One’s Element infuses worldwide shamanic, Celtic, Eastern, and metaphysical teachings into their approach to energy healing. This gives our students the ability to create a highly unique practice, whether they go on to use it only in their personal lives or as practitioners themselves. Read more below.

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Reiki Certifications

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Reiki Certification and Yoga Practice – A 6 Week Journey

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One on One Mentorships

Private Reiki Certifications for Groups & Events

About Reiki Certifications With In One’s Element

We are always creating our energetic reality through our thoughts, feelings, and actions; learning to work with this energy output in a loving way is a valuable practice that follows us throughout our lives. We like to call it “taking responsibility for your own energy” because it is the practice of becoming more aware of the energy within and without, and our ability as human beings to create more loving harmony, abundance, and healing in our lives and the lives of others. In our courses you will find that energy healing helps to create a stronger connection to yourself, others, and the universe, and will open abilities that you did not know you had before.

We are firm believers that anyone can be a healer, no matter their background, experiences, or challenges. Our mission is to guide those who are compelled to learn to create an understanding of how to consciously work with energy – moment-to-moment, day-to-day, in a safe and grounded way.

During classes we lay a strong foundation of tools, techniques, and knowledge that we have developed and learned throughout the last two and a half decades and combine it with hands-on practice. Throughout our courses you will learn how to create or deepen your own intuitive energy healing practice – whether you have practiced before or are completely new. Working from the foundation of Reiki (the Japanese form of energy healing) we incorporate a broad and open-minded approach to what energy healing is, how to use it, how to protect yourself, and what we have found important while working with it.

Usui Reiki Master Teachers Jennifer and Myia are a mother-daughter team who have worked with energy healing for nearly 25 years each. Jennifer comes from a lifetime career of working in the healing industry as a massage therapist, yoga teacher, holistic nutritionist, and Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Myia is a clinical hypnotherapist, past-life-regression therapist, auric energy reader since she was small, and Shamanic Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Our lifelong passion and deep exploration of metaphysical healing has led us to understanding the importance of learning how to consciously and intentionally work with energy.

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