Yoga Nidra – Body and Chakras


Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep. It is an ancient technique where the practitioner enters a deep state of conscious relaxation while being guided through meditation. It is a systematic practice of moving awareness from the external world to the inner world. It can bring one to a state where senses, intellect, and mind relax while at the same time having full awreness.

During this practice, you lie down with the goal of moving into a deep state of conscious awareness sleep, a state of relaxation with awareness. This state involves moving from consciousness while awake to dreaming and then to not-dreaming all while remaining awake — going past the unconscious to the conscious.”

Who is it for?

Yoga Nidra is for any and all, appealing to those who have a hard time letting go, as well as to those who are looking for a deeper healing. In One’s Element Yoga Nidra takes you on a journey through your body for deeper physical healing as well as a journey through the main chakra system creating and bringing vibrancy to each and every cell while heighenting the spiritual and energetic system as a whole.

This practice does take place on a provided mat. You will not be moving during practice, wear comfy clothing and perhaps bring with you extra blankets, pillows, etc. that you may need to be fully comfortable during this hour long meditation.


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