Shamanic Hypnotherapy Journey


Shamanic Hypnotherapy Journey with Myia


About the session: This is a healing and explorative session with Myia using a foundation of Shamanic Hypnotherapy and Energy Reading in addition to other methods. The different techniques that may be used are Shamanic Usui Reiki, Spirit Releasement, Tarot and Energy Reading, Age Regression, EFT (tapping), and Sound Healing. What we use will depend on what you need most at the time of the session. During a session we will work at the energetic, mental, and emotional levels to bring in healing, release what no longer serves you, and help you to align more closely with your higher self and purpose.


Session Length:
90 Minutes – $175
120 Minutes – $225


Session Focuses:

Relieving anxiety and stress

Improving energy and vitality

Clearing out emotional patterns and heavy energies

Aligning more closely with yourself and your life path

Exploring deeper questions

Getting closer to your spirit guides or higher self

Healing relationships, career/finances, ect.

Moving forward through fears and creating personal empowerment

Addressing the root issues of chronic physical ailments or injuries

Cellular rejuvenation and activating the body’s natural healing process

Creating a more relaxed and peaceful state


What to expect: For healing sessions it is important to come into the session with a clear goal and intention for the session. It is good to focus on one goal but more than one may be addressed if there is time, especially if they are connected. Often, but not always, people will experience sensations such as tingling or warmth and emotional release during their healing sessions. For around 72 hours and up to a few weeks afterwards the healing will continue as energetic patterns are cycled out. Because of this it is important to drink plenty of water, care for yourself, and be prepared to journal any dreams or experiences you may have during or following the session for personal reflection.

Distant/Virtual Sessions: We work with many clients distantly and have found that distant sessions work very well as you are able to be in your own quiet space at home. During a distant session you will preferably need a web cam (so you don’t have to prop up the camera throughout the session) headphones, and an uninterrupted environment.

In-Person Sessions: We have a private healing center in Prescott, Arizona where you can come for your session (address will be given in your confirmation emails). We will also travel to surrounding locations for on-location sessions. Please contact us before purchasing if you would like us to come to you so we can discuss details.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation here.

By purchasing a session, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and that you understand that these sessions do not replace medical care, but are here to support you in your well-being.


90 minutes, 120 Minutes


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