Reiki III Master Certification – Learn Energy Healing in Prescott, AZ


*Please read all of the following before purchasing a class.* Become certified in Usui Reiki Master Level III with Reiki Master Teachers Jennifer and Myia in beautiful Prescott, AZ! In our highly personal, six-student Master Class, you will learn the third level of traditional Japanese Reiki and become attuned to the master symbols. In addition, we will go in-depth into the things we have found instrumental in the development of our own unique energy medicine. We provide the experiences and practice each of our students needs to take their energy work to the next level, and to help you hone in on your very own talents and predispositions in energy healing. While taking In One’s Element’s Master Reiki Class, you can expect to work on the following:

working with the different layers of the auric field
healing timelines (past, present, future)
protection tactics for energy workers
working with solfeggio frequencies and sound healing
using tuning forks
working with guides, angels, masters, and more
crystals and mother earth energy
using grids, energy wheels, altars

“Be your own healer

Reiki III Master Course Information

  • We require that you have at least a level II Reiki certification, acquired through an in-person class (we do not accept online certificates).
  • Required age to take the course is fourteen.
  • Course is limited to six participants, making for a highly personal and unique experience!

Read more about our Reiki Certifications here.


We will meet at our private healing space located in Prescott, AZ. We do not publish our address online, so please keep an eye out for subsequent emails with our details.

Required and Provided Materials
  • Mats, pillows, and blankets are provided for all students; but feel free to bring your personal items to increase comfort while sitting on the floor for extended periods of time!
  • You must bring your own lunch and snacks. We have a kitchen that you are welcome to use that includes a refrigerator, microwave, toaster, stove, hot water kettle, and plenty of tea. Please be sure to bring what you need so as to prevent energy fatigue. Dehydration is common when giving or receiving energy.
  • Bring a journal; a binder of course materials will be provided which can also be used for note-taking!
  • During the Master class we will be creating altars and we encourage you to bring any small, powerful, personal items that you wish to be charged with energy or that signify something special to you.
  • Required Book (please read through and bring a physical copy with you to class). Click the link to find on Amazon – Essential Reiki by Diane Stein
Recommended Reading Materials
Important Things to Know
  • We can no longer give refunds for this class once we are seven days away from the first day of class.
  • If any hours of the class are missed they can be made up with an extra fee in order to receive certification.

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October 2022, May 2023, October 2023

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