Reiki Massage


Reiki Massage Session with Jennifer

About the session:
This is a healing session with Jennifer using massage techniques combined with Reiki energy healing. This session is not only focused on the physical, but on why the physical issues are there in the first place, helping to resolve them at the level of patterns held in the energy body.

Session Length:
90 Minutes – $175
120 Minutes – $225

What to expect:
For around 72 hours and up to a few weeks afterwards the energetic transformations will continue as energy patterns are cycled out. Because of this it is important to drink plenty of water, care for yourself, and be prepared to journal any dreams or experiences/signs you may have following the session for personal reflection.

Benefits of Reiki Massage


  • Cellular regeneration, stimulation of the bodies’ natural healing process

  • Breaking up of key issues held in not only our energetic and emotional body but expressed in the physical

  • Working on releasing patterns and blockages

  • Create movement and flow in the energy body

  • Drawing in universal energy to help heal and support the entire system

  • Supports physical, emotional, and mental health


In-Person Sessions: We have a private healing center in Prescott, Arizona where you can come for your session (address will be given in your confirmation emails). We will also travel to surrounding locations for on-location sessions (45 minute sessions only or when combined with another session). Please contact us before purchasing if you would like us to come to you so we can discuss details.

**By purchasing a session, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and that you understand that these sessions do not replace medical care, but are here to support you in your well-being.**


90 Minutes, 120 Minutes


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