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Learning Reiki isn’t just about healing others, it’s also a personal journey of self-healing, mastery, and spiritual study. Reiki is traditionally a “healing hands” practice that was resurrected in Japan in the early 1900’s. Reiki itself means “universal life force energy” and raises the energies of people, places, and things to create more harmony and vitality. In our classes, we teach the traditional style of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki in addition to the many different scientific, Shamanic, and personal energy medicine techniques we have come to exercise in our personal lives and practices. In essence, we teach what we like to call “Reiki out of the Box.” In Reiki II our students begin to practice energy healing with others, and further practice attuning the self to the aligned energies of the universe. Students will also receive the second Reiki symbol and an attunement (energetic alignment and activation) to that symbol. All students of Reiki II must have and in-person certification in Reiki I (with In One’s Element or another party). Our Reiki II is taught by Reiki Master Teacher Jennifer Spiroff at our private healing space in the beautiful Granite Dells of Prescott, AZ. Jennifer is a Natural Health Practitioner with nearly 2 1/2 decades of experience in energy healing, massage, yoga, and more. Continue your journey with Reiki healing and energy medicine today!

Please go over the entirety of the information before registering. Courses with an early bird discount will automatically return to full price of $230 one month before the first day of class, so it’s best to register in advance!

“Be your own healer”

Reiki II Course Information

Course is limited to 4 participants, making for a highly personal and unique experience. Required age to take the course is fourteen. Read more about our approach to Reiki and Energy Medicine here.

Course Schedule

ALL hours (both days) must be completed in order to receive certification.
Day One: Saturday 10AM-5PM
Day Two: Sunday 10AM-3PM


We will meet at our private healing space located in Prescott, AZ, in the Granite Dells area (near Willow Lake). We do not publish our address online, so please keep an eye out for class reminder emails which will include our private details and further directions.

Required and Provided Materials
    • Mats, pillows, and blankets are provided for all students; please feel free to bring your personal items to increase comfort while sitting on the floor, and be sure to wear comfy clothing!
    • You must bring your own lunch and snacks (we have a microwave, stovetop, refrigerator, filtered water, and tea kettle available to use) – make sure to bring what you need so as to prevent energy fatigue.
    • Bring a notebook/journal or extra paper; a binder of course materials will be provided which can also be used for note-taking.
    • Required Book (please read through the first few chapters, including the first two symbols and history of Reiki, and bring the book with you to class). Click here to purchase the book on Amazon – Essential Reiki by Diane Stein  **Please note: we use Amazon affiliate links. If you choose to purchase through this link we will receive a small commission, which goes to support us and what we do!
    • Suggested Books Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss and The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. Find more on our Recommended Resources page.
Class Schedule

Day One: 10AM-5PM
Day Two: 10AM-3PM

Payment Options

We accept cash/check/zelle! If you live locally or would prefer to pay through one of these methods, feel free to reach out.

We do not offer refunds for deposits, partial, or full payments. Please communicate with us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. If we are notified in time, we may be able to offer you credit for a future class. This is dependent upon our discretion as well as future class availability. If any hours of a class are missed they can be made up with an extra cost (up to the full amount or on an hourly basis) in order to receive a certification or completion of material.

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Course Dates

September 23rd – 24th, 2023, November 18th-19th 2023


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