Past Life Regression


Past Life Regression with Myia


About the session: This is a deep session that requires previous experience with hypnotherapy or Shamanic Journeys. Can be used to heal inexplicable fears and phobias or blockages stemming from places we have no conscious memory of. Perfect for discovering more about your origins, purpose, soul family, and gaining peace around life.

Session Length: 90 Minutes


Benefits of Past Life Regression:

Resolving issues that have no apparent root cause

Understanding better one’s life purpose

Connecting to guides and soul mates

Exploring innate talents, gifts, and what lessons have already been learned/have yet to be learned


What to expect: In past life regressions, I believe we are shown what we are ready to see. Some liken the trance state to a light lucid dream state. You will be conscious throughout the session and communicating with me (Myia) throughout as I ask you questions and guide you through your experience. Each session is recorded as it can sometimes be difficult to remember details after a few days have passed since the session. For healing sessions it is important to come into the session with a clear goal and intention for the session, however a curiosity for exploring the depths of one’s origins or the different archetypes within us is a perfectly reasonable goal for past life regressions. Often, but not always, people will experience sensations such as tingling or warmth and some may experience strong emotions during their sessions. Each session is as unique and different as the individual experiencing it. For around 72 hours and up to a few weeks afterwards the healing will continue as energetic patterns are cycled out. Because of this it is important to drink plenty of water, care for yourself, and be prepared to journal any dreams or experiences you may have following the session for personal reflection and integration.

Distant/Virtual Sessions: We work with many clients distantly and have found that distant sessions work very well as you are able to be in your own quiet space at home. During a distant session you will preferably need a web cam (so you don’t have to prop up the camera throughout the session) headphones, and an uninterrupted environment.

In-Person Sessions: We have a private healing center in Prescott, Arizona where you can come for your session (address will be given in your confirmation emails). We will also travel to surrounding locations for on-location sessions. Please contact us before purchasing if you would like us to come to you so we can discuss details.

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By purchasing a session, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age and that you understand that these sessions do not replace medical care, but are here to support you in your well-being.



2 Hours


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