Half-Day Healing


A complete healing session with energy healing, guided meditation, and coaching.

Half-Day Healing
This session begins with relaxing Yoga Nidra (full body meditation) in order to bring the body and mind into a state of natural healing and restoration. We then do a complete energy healing session, take a short break to decompress, and finish the energy work with a guided grounding and sealing of the energies. The final part of the session is conversation around the session, your experience, our assessment, and in-depth guidance and conversation to help you move forward and catalyze your growth.
4 Hours $444

Approx. 4 Hours – Available distantly (yes, it works very well distantly!) or in-person at our place or yours.

In-person sessions: Come see us in Prescott, AZ, or we travel to you as far as Phoenix (limited time slots available for long-distance travel.)

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