Fall Equinox Ritual & Guided Imagery Meditation


A healing and restorative class using guided imagery and reiki healing where we focus on creating balance and connection to ourselves, the Earth, and the universe, with a focus on the energies of the Fall Equinox.

The important details:

Friday, September 23rd from 7PM – 8:30 PM in Prescott, AZ. The duration of the class is one hour, with time afterwards for discussion.

  • This event is for ages 16 and older
  • Pre-registration is required
  • Refunds will not be given within 24 hours of the event. Please let us know if you are not able to attend.
  • Number of participants is limited to seven
  • The address of our private healing space will be sent in an email once registration is complete. Please check both your inbox and spam for this email. If you do not receive it by the day before class, please contact us.
  • Clean cushioned mats, pillows, and blankets are provided for all participants, however feel free to bring your own for added comfort

This session is for anyone looking to restore their energy, explore the subconscious, heal energy blockages, and manifest the releasing of the old and the welcoming of the new with the change of seasons.

In this class we will focus on the energy of the fall equinox happening (interestingly enough, numerologically speaking) on September 22, 2022. Astrologically, the sun is also moving into Libra on the 23rd (the day of class) which is a representation of balance, justice, and harmony with others. The equinox is a twice-a-year occurrence where the center of the sun lies directly above the equator of the earth and the entire world experiences equal day and night-time hours. The fall equinox has been an important moment in culture throughout history, and tapping into the energy of this equinox means illuminating our spiritual and physical journeys on earth as we honor the inner and outer harvest that is occurring. This is a time to also honor both the light and dark aspects of ourselves, and the beauty of transformation. What is simultaneously leaving you and being birthed in your life during this time? A great time for manifestation, renewal, and re-balancing as we begin to move into the winter season. During class we will focus on clearing and rebalancing each of the chakras, as well focus our mind and consciousness to create clarity beyond the distractions and illusions that stand before us, manifesting the insight to live and create more deeply in alignment with our highest good.

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