Earth Chakra Healing Workshop – Prescott, AZ


The earth chakra – sometimes known as the earth star chakra – is a lesser known chakra, but a vital one nonetheless. The earth chakra not only gives us access to the life-force energy of the earth, but it actually anchors our entire chakra system to the earth and is a major aid in creating energetic stability.

This workshop is for anyone interested in:
Learning how to restore and expand their energy
Exploring the subconscious connections to this chakra
Heal energy blockages in the entire body
Receive some awesome self-care!

Total class time is 90 minutes, and involves: In-depth information on this chakra (and a crystal!), a guided imagery meditation, and Reiki & Energy Medicine from mother-daughter teachers Jennifer and Myia.

Where? Workshop is hosted at our private healing classroom near Watson Lake in Prescott, AZ
When? Friday, Jan, 13th 6PM-7:30PM
How Many? A maximum of six participants
When will I receive the address? Address will be emailed out to all participants around one week before class (or after you sign up, if within one week of class)
What should I bring? Water! Energy work is dehydrating on the body. Comfortable padding and pillows are provided for all students, but please feel free to bring extra, or a blanket if you think you might want one.

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