11-Step Body System Reset


Reset your physical and metaphysical system together with our specifically designed program in 2-hour class blocks with Jennifer.

Meets every third Tuesday starting September 5th and going through April 9th, 2024 from 10am-12pm.

Included in your 2 hours:

* An approximate 30-page dummies version of the system to be reset. Packet includes not only the system and its organs in a way you understand but foods to eat, simple juice recipes, chakras to care for, mental/emotional imbalances that affect said system, special access to guided imagery you can listen to at home, and more.

* A 2-ounce organic tincture specifically designed by In One’s Element to enhance all the organs of the said system.

* Reiki and Guided Imagery which includes hands-on Reiki energy medicine.

* Tips on basic energy medicine and breathwork so that in-between classes you can be practicing on your own at home.

This reset centers around the health and healing of your main body systems through physical and metaphysical means.

Course is designed for you to engage your physical with your energetic self through an understanding of how the body works, tips on the physical aspect with foods and plant medicine, and combining it with the metaphysical through sound, meditation, breathing, and energy medicine. It is an opportunity for YOU to bring YOUR complete self up to its optimum level, giving you more control of the health of your body while bringing vitality to your own energy being.

The physical body systems involved in resetting and healing are the lymphatic, digestive, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, urinary, skeletal, muscular, reproductive, integumentary, and nervous systems.

You can pick and choose through dates what systems you’d like to reset, or commit to the full program and receive a $300 discount. (This program is also available as one-on-one sessions.)

We accept cash/check/Zelle! If you live locally or would prefer to pay through one of these methods, feel free to reach out.

We do not offer refunds for deposits, partial, or full payments. Please communicate with us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. If we are notified in time, we may be able to offer you credit for a future class. This is dependent upon our discretion as well as future class availability. If any hours of class are missed they can be made up with an extra cost (up to the full amount or on an hourly basis) in order to receive a certification or completion of material.


Full Course September 5th 2023 – April 9th, 2024, Sept 5th, 2023 Lymphatic, Sept 26th, 2023 Digestive, Oct 17th, 2023 Circulatory, Nov 7th, 2023 Endocrine, Nov 28th, 2023 Nervous, Dec 19th, 2023 Respiratory, Jan 9th, 2024 Urinary, Jan 30th, 2024 Muscular, Feb 20th, 2024 Skeletal, March 19th, 2024 Reproductive, April 9th, 2024 Integumentary


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