11-Step Body System Reset


Pay in full today for $900 or make 2 installment payments of $475(second installment must be paid before week 6 of class). Our 11-Step Yoga and More Program centers around all eleven systems of the physical body.  With every class, yoga is designed around a specific body system, starting with the lymphatic. Along with yoga, we will be engaging our energetic selves through sound, meditation, breathing, and energy medicine. You will receive a menu of foods and juicing recipes to help detox each specific system, as well as a tincture created with all organic herbs by In One’s Element. This program is designed for YOU to bring YOUR complete self to its optimum level, giving you more control of the health of your body while bringing vitality to your energy being. This is an 11-week course that meets bi-monthly from 11am-1pm. (We do skip holidays, so check your calendar)

The physical body systems involved in resetting and healing are the lymphatic, digestive, urinary, reproductive, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, integumentary, muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems.


Jan. 3rd – May 21st, 2023, August 8th – Jan 2nd, 2024

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