Open Pandora’s Box – Sacral Chakra

The Sacral chakra is just below your navel. Just imagine a beautiful orange spinning ball of energy about as big as your fist. They say different chakras govern different areas and this particular little swirly swirl of orange energy governs physically the sexual organs, low back, bladder, kidneys, adrenal glands(stress and sexual hormones), and our sensory system (taste, touch, smell)… and relates to your ability to flow with life – your ability to connect with others, allow creativity, feel vitality and harmony within the self, with others, and with your physical bodies’ experience of life, and to be in the right relationship with your expressive and receptive self. This chakra holds many of our memories of (dis)comfort and (dis)pleasure, which is why this chakra is also the main chakra looked at when it comes to addiction – what habits were formed as a way to comfort yourself? What nostalgic feelings are stuck in the Sacral that need to be let go of so that new experiences can be created?

The Sacral chakra is like our own personal Pandora’s box. Through the Sacral, we are connected to the flowing and tangible nature of our physical reality and our ability to create and indulge in any reality we choose to create. As this chakra sits between the Root chakra(our roots) and our Solar Plexus chakra (the self), the Sacral is the place where who we are and where we come from converge, hopefully in balance and harmony, unless there are feelings or experiences of conflict. A healthy Sacral chakra is sensitive, expressive, relates easily with others, is comfortable in its own skin. The Sacral is a powerful force of inspiration with the ability to act on that energy. When lit, our internal flame knows we are here to create, create, create, and never stop creating! If you feel you cannot create the life you desire, the relationships you desire, struggle with lack of motivation, boredom, writer’s block, small nagging addictions, overindulgence in nostalgic memories, guilt or shame, feeling perpetually “in service” to others and never to the self, feeling daunted by your own creative potential, or simply feeling listless and lacking in a sense of excitement for life – your Sacral chakra likely needs a boost and some balancing.

So, where are you in your Sacral chakra? Where do you stop creating and start restricting yourself or falling back into the past? Where do you deny yourself the comforts, connections, and self-love, and expression that you deserve? Is it time to rediscover, reinvent your relationship with yourself and the physical world? Reach out to us today and let us help you on your path to discovery. Sessions can take place in-person at our private healing space in Prescott, Arizona or distantly. We also hold certification classes and certify one-on-one in Reiki, teaching you how to control your own frequency and help those who surround you. Reach out today with any questions or to schedule.

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