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Let Go of Being Right

The feeling to be right about everything is a sign that the throat chakra may be imbalanced. Other signs of imbalance are lying, arrogance, talking too much, being manipulative, fear and timidity. Usually, when stating the same case over and over and getting angry about others perceptions and/or opinions is a sign that the ego is really getting in the way of acceptance, tolerance and freedom to be happy among your peers. Now in some cases due to work (I know because my ex is an attorney:) you need to prove your case and how right you are. The medical field can be the same way. However, if you are taking the same mindset home to your wife, family, and friends you may find that the fight-or-flight mode is never turning off. Always needing to be right and ready for a fight can lead to multiple issues with the body and a life of stress and lack of happiness and freedom. Freeing of the 5th chakra can promote effective, truthful communication. You are able to “find you.” You are confident, responsible, and can easily find the right words to express your thoughts, without creating a chaotic dinner party or work atmosphere.

Physical signs that the throat chakra is spinning askew:

  • chronic sore throat
  • frequent headaches
  • dental issues
  • mouth ulcers
  • hoarseness
  • thyroid problems
  • laryngitis
  • Temporomandibular disorders of the jaw (commonly known as TMJ)
  • neck pain

Emotional signs your throat chakra may be blocked:

  • fear of speaking
  • inability to express thoughts
  • shyness
  • inconsistency in speech and actions
  • social anxiety
  • inhibited creativity
  • stubbornness
  • detachment

I speak my truth and communicate openly and honestly

I am calm, confident, and eloquent

My voice is clear and bright

I express myself with ease

The throat chakra is a radiant blue. Wear blue today, eat blue foods, use a blue pen. Bring blue energy into your life!

If you’re ready to move on, to make progress physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, then reach out today and schedule a session with us(in-person or distantly), or to learn energy medicine through one of our many offered Reiki certification classes(in-person only). We also offer one-on-one certifications that can revolve better around your schedule! Never hesitate to ask questions.

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