Hydrate and Affirmate – Root Chakra

Dehydration is the result of lack of water in the body as well lack of nourishment or blockages in the Root Chakra. When you’re dehydrated, it means that your chakra power is also depleted. Without nourishment and constant programming, summers are a hassle through and through. Signs that you may be dehydrated other than just muscle fatigue and brain fog: insecurity, aggressiveness, anger, sexual dysfunction, restlessness, the feeling of lacking something (anything), eating disorder, physical ailments that cannot be explained. So hydrate well and give yourself a little affirmation!

In One’s Element offers distant as well as in-person Reiki and/or hypnotherapy sessions in Prescott, Arizona. For those who are looking to have more control over their energy frequency(and help others) we have in-person Reiki certification group or one-on-one courses. Please contact us to schedule or ask questions!

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