Higher Heart, Thymus, and Immunity

The Higher Heart chakra, a.k.a. Seat of the Soul, is separate from your Heart Chakra though it sits and snuggles close by. This beautiful little spinning bright white ball of energy sits tucked in the center of the chest between the heart and sternum and is quite unique, to say the least. Not only is it directly linked to Universe, God, The Divine Itself, but it sits directly on top of the thymus gland. Unless you have been educated on the thymus, (which most people haven’t so don’t feel alone:) you have no idea what the thymus is or it’s function tho you’ve heard the word thrown about under certain circumstances. Well, I have no desire to go into it very much except to say that the thymus’ primary function is to produce t-lymphocytes. Quick lesson, t-lymphocytes fight infection. Go ahead and take a moment to tap the center of your chest and take a nice deep inhale. All those cute little quotes of ‘love heals all’, or ‘love cures all’, well they’re not kiddin’ lol. The same can be said about a broken heart and illness.

So, moving on. According to medical science, the thymus shrivels and dies at about 50 years of age (ok, everyone over 40 start tapping your chest and breathing). There are probably products you can take to keep the thymus working a little longer, and who knows you could even network market it and make a couple of extra bucks off of it lol. 50 years old… What’s happening around age 50? Are we supposed to be taking it from there/here? Are we more disconnected to Divine at 50? We don’t need any more t-lymphocytes when we’re 50? Have made enough. Billions stored to last … well to last… I have a hard time believing that this little gland needs to shrivel and die. Yeah, I think I choose to keep producing t-lymphocytes for a while after 50.

Pure energy sits here… along with the thymus, immune system, loyalty, honesty, truth, forgiveness, transformation, purification… language originates here allowing speech from the heart.

Inhale bright white light, release through your sternum. Inhale yellow from the diaphragm/Solar Plexus, bring it up, and exhale sternum. Go up to Throat chakra, blue. Inhale through the Throat, exhale sternum and wake that thyroid up! Bright white light and take another breath…Repeat, “I Relate.” Full inhale through the sternum, exhale bright white light, sternum. Breathe. Namaste.

We can help with your Higher Heart through Reiki and/or Hypnotherapy distantly or in our private healing space in Prescott, Arizona. Reach out to us with questions and/or to schedule.

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