Epileptic? Give Reiki a Try

How can those dealing with epilepsy possibly benefit from Reiki healing you ask? Well, Reiki healing and seizures have hit PubMed, (US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health) and though most of the jargon they are saying hurts my brain, I do get that a published study showed that Reiki-like therapy helped with seizures. “Reiki-like healing practices in refractory epilepsy results in a reduction in seizure frequency. Reiki-like healing practices produce membrane stabilization and stimulation of membrane Na+-K+ ATPase activity by quantal perception of low levels of EMF.’ Further research into the research I found that these patients had refractory seizures, which means that their seizures were/could no longer be controlled by any medications. After undergoing 3 months of Reiki-type hands on healing and daily meditation, they all showed a significant reduction in seizures.” Neurology India, Publication of the Neurological Study of India has a great in-depth publication on the study and can be found here.

From everything that I have researched on this subject, the main thing comes down to testimonials. I run into the closed minded doctor online or internet troll who is angry about Reiki healing and thinks it’s just pseudo-fake stuff, but they also do not have seizures… The testimonials (and there are many, many) say it all and it is that Reiki has helped their epilepsy and seizures immensely. Some, no longer even have seizures now that they are on a regular protocol. A lot of people dealing with this condition have learned how to self Reiki and have a daily practice for themselves.

We at In One’s Element teach private and group Reiki certification classes to teach others self Reiki(our students finish our course at a Reiki Practitioner level and can set up shop to help others, but our main goal is to teach people like yourself how you can help yourself). We encourage all of our clients to do the basic Reiki I and II certification course as well as encourage loved ones of those with chronic health issues to get on board and learn energy medicine.

If you are interested in giving Reiki a try reach out today. We give distant energy medicine sessions to people all over the globe and see clients in-person at our private healing space in Prescott, Arizona. Check our calendar for upcoming Reiki certification courses. We also certify one-on-one and are able to work with individual schedules.

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