Cancer and the Healing Benefits of Reiki

I was going to write a paragraph on cancer. But with the prediction of almost 2 million new cancer cases and a projected number of over 500k cancer deaths predicted for 2019 in the U.S. alone, I guess most of us have, has had, or knows someone dealing or dealt with cancer, so why go into “What is cancer”. To the simplest extent, cancer sucks and I think we can all agree on that. All the different types of cancer, symptoms, treatments, and therapies, reasons why people get cancer, why some people recover and others don’t, it’s exhausting, to say the least. So let’s just move along shall we?

With the conversation on cancer and for liability reasons, I must say that Reiki is complementary therapy, used to ease the emotional and physical side effects of the treatment for cancer. I am not saying that Reiki will cure you. I will say that some survivors believe that because of Reiki they were cured. Some of those who did not survive still felt that they were healed. Healed does not always mean the physical body was cured. Healed in the manner that they were okay, happy, and accepting of their bodies, lives, and how things unfolded for them and their families. Their end of life came with peace. Miracles come in many forms. Sometimes a miracle is just having peace, truth, and a knowing before passing on to the next realm. As my father, who died of cancer two years ago, would say “We all die of something.” It’s not what you die of, is it? …

A few months before my dad died, for the first time ever, he asked me for my advice. He was struggling in his heart and mind over a family matter.

So I told him, “Dad, here and there throughout my day I feel truth. I feel it. At a cellular level. Every cell in my body feels truth. Immediately my world changes, even if it’s just for a moment. We know truth. It’s ingrained into our DNA. As a part of God, truth exists within us. Life is not really about learning and lessons, because we already know. Life is remembering who we truly are. When I feel those moments, those moments of truth, and who I truly am, I simply do what I can to extend the moment, and I try to go back there often, especially when I am having a bad day or episode, whether it be with myself or someone else. That’s it. It’s simple, but that’s what I got for you.”

And here for You is a little diddy on Reiki and cancer.

What is Reiki – my description – Using different frequencies within the Universe, Earth and the human body to help get the energy flowing throughout the physical and energetic body. Side -effects of getting a Reiki treatment and energy flow within the system may be the healing of the physical body, spiritual body, mental body, or all three. The risks of a Reiki treatment is that you don’t notice a damn thing.

Because Reiki is considered weird in some conventional medical arenas, it is said over and over again on Google that ‘Reiki is a form of energy medicine and has been evaluated in several clinical trials for the treatment of anxiety and improvement of well being in cancer patients. … It is not used to cure cancer or to take place of treatment. Reiki is a complementary therapy, used to ease the emotional and physical side effects of cancer treatment.’ A side note on that is the fact that top cancer hospitals have brought Reiki in to help their patients who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Ongoing research has shown that mind-body therapy such as Reiki can improve quality of life for those with a life-limited illness, such as cancer, in a number of ways including reduction of pain, reduction in chemotherapy side effects, as well as a reduction of stress and anxiety. Below is a list of studies on the effects of Reiki and cancer/treatments/symptoms/testing/surgery:

Anxiety – Early research shows that receiving Reiki therapy before a colonoscopy can reduce anxiety but does not decrease the use of sedative medicines.

Anxiety and pain from a breast biopsy – Early research shows that adding Reiki therapy to usual therapy can decrease anxiety in women getting a breast biopsy.

Fatigue-related to cancer or other conditions – Some research shows that Reiki therapy can reduce fatigue and improve quality of life in patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Pain-related to cancer or other conditions – There is some evidence that therapeutic touch, such as Reiki therapy, can produce short-term pain relief and improve quality of life in people with cancer.

Cancer-related quality of life – Most research shows that Reiki therapy improves anxiety, pain, and well-being in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

Depression – Early research shows that hands-on Reiki or distance Reiki can improve depression and stress in people with self-reported depression.

Stress – Some college students report that Reiki therapy can reduce stress.

Some studies have explored the effect of Reiki on patients who are undergoing cancer treatment concurrently. These studies have found that, although Reiki is not a substitute for other cancer treatments, it may enhance treatments and offer a number of benefits to patients as they deal with the symptoms and stresses of cancer.

Reiki – Mind-Body Therapy

Mind-body Therapy, Holistic Therapy is any practice that helps restore the balance between the mind, body, and spirit, creating in-depth healing on all levels, a whole-body level. More and more mind-body principals are being integrated into conventional medicine. As all medicines and treatment options intertwine with each other the human mind and body connection thing for better happiness, health, and survival is starting to become mainstream again. Yay!! Scientific evidence shows the mind and body are connected, and ideally, both be at peace when fighting cancer (or anything for that matter). Reiki can help bring peace to both mind and body.

How In One’s Element plays a roll. Here at IOE we offer substantial discounts for people who are struggling and in need. If you are dealing with ANY type of cancer in ANY stage and would like to give Reiki a whirl, please reach out to us. Not only do we offer Reiki, but Reiki Massage as well as Hypnotherapy which can also bring relief to those going through cancer treatment. We are putting together Reiki and Hypnotherapy group workshops, specifically for those who are dealing with cancer, so please follow us on FB for upcoming times and dates. You can also email us to get on our list for upcoming events. Reach out to us with any questions. We are here to help. It’s what we do:)

A quick note on caregiver burnout

If you the reader, happen to be the caregiver, you need to know, to understand and address your own health and issues surrounding being a caregiver to a loved one. You have to take care of yourself. Reiki can be of great benefit to you as well…

We at in One’s Element offer distant Reiki to individuals around the globe as well in-person sessions in our private healing space in Prescott, Arizona. For those with chronic issues and/or the people who care for loved ones we highly encourage Reiki certification. Learn energy medicine. It’s always wonderful to go to someone for treatments, but when you can work on yourself or your loved one on a daily basis, it makes a world of difference. In One’s Element offers multiple Reiki certifications throughout the year as well works with individuals one-on-one certifying in Reiki on the persons own time.

Please be sure to reach out with any questions about our certification process or to schedule a session.

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