Balance the Frequency

When I go to work, I am constantly working with Others frequencies. Bringing them back to Balance by simply transferring Balance to my client. Do you know how I do that? I say Balance in my brain. My body breathes Balance. I breathe Balance in through my nostrils and fill my lungs. I fill my lungs with Balance. I breathe Balance out through my sternum. I breathe Balance in through the top of my head and breathe Balance out through my hands. I feel it. I feel Balance. My whole body feels Balance … and then, I give it to You. Sometimes Others energies are a little hesitant to take Balance. It’s understandable. Instability can feel familiar. However, with a little persistence, I find that Balance overcomes Instability.

I have a friend who has a huge greenhouse, grows many plants, does the farmers market, the whole kit and caboodle. He used to sell tomatoes. Now he sells tomato plants. The amount of energy(water) to grow one tomato to sell for $.50.. Any-who, now he grows starters. Gives them a baby tomato plant and says, “here, grow your own tomatoes”. We at In One’s Energy love the analogy. We offer Reiki certifications throughout the year as well as offer one-on-one certifications to meet anyone’s schedule. “Here, let us teach you energy medicine. YOU do it” As with my friend, sometimes he has to pick up a tomato at the grocer, and that’s okay, but for long stretches he can maintain his own table by what he grows for himself and for his family. Learning energy medicine is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself, your family, loved ones, the community. Check out our class schedule in Prescott, Arizona and see if anything fits your calendar, or reach out to us directly for setting up one-on-one Reiki certification. “Here, Balance the Frequency.”

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