Archangel Raguel Lol, Really?

Archangel Raguel lol, really? I have not pulled an angel card for a little while. I have been dealing with some things lately (like all of us) and the other day before I began Reiki work on a client I decided to pull a card. I pulled Clairsentience and Raguel. Clairsentience means ‘the ability to intuit information through clear feeling, is the psychic gift that most people don’t even realize they have.’ I am not too surprised I would pull this right before I work. Feeling frequencies is how I work. Raguel however, brought a chuckle. The way I have been feeling the last few days made me think that there would be a loving, compassionate, merciful angel hanging by my side trying to help me chill out my mental/emotional need for justice, fairness, vengeance, and redemption and what do I pull?, why justice, fairness, vengeance and redemption! Something that is very soothing about this angel and my state of mind is that he is also the angel of harmony. His principal role is to create harmony and order in relationships and is a wonderful angel to call upon for help and healing throughout interactions with others. Comforting to know that as I move through all these emotions, in the end, there is harmony. There is harmony. Right now I have harmony and acceptance of decisions I have made. I redeem my energy from that which I lent. I understand fairness may not always look fair, lol. May justice not come in a way that I sometimes would like it to 🙂 … just harmony. Peace, Joy, raining down into my Crown chakra from above. Bright, unadulterated energy. No thought, no intellect, just pure tranquility.

In all seriousness 🙂

May justice be guided by love.

May fairness come by caring, sharing, listening, and accepting.

May I know that an eye for an eye only leads to more blindness.

May redemption be instant.

And so it is.

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