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Michael is the only angel to be addressed by name in the Bible, the Qur’an, and the Torah.

Archangel Michael is God’s most powerful angel. As commander of all angels, he is not only a leader and warrior but a champion of courage and decency. 

He is the messenger from God of love, hope, peace, joy, wisdom, and grace. Michael is a courageous warrior of God, and a defender of people, the Earth, and its inhabitants.

As an angel of strength, fortitude, and protection he can be called upon for a multitude of requests from finding the right career or life’s purpose, to overcoming hopelessness.

Michael offers serenity to you, and his primary goal is to defend you. With his sword given to him by God to help fight Satan and the rebellious legion of angels, he can help cut through personal resistance when called upon. He exudes a sense of security in his demeanor and his impressive wingspan can be used to drape around your body when in need of protection.

His energy and presence are embodied in a soothing and calming blue. When visually seeing him you may see blue light or a burst of blue. Many people have a hard time with visuals but they can feel him. When invoked you may feel archangel Michael come across as warm and tingly, perhaps a ringing in the ears. Lucid and reassuring dreams are another way this angel may be getting a message across. Information enters through the senses. It is a matter of paying attention to consciously pick up communication from angels, ascending guides, etc. 

Michael’s messages may come through quite blunt and quick. As a defender of people, though kind, he is a no-nonsense kind of angel and does not have time for symbolism. He wants to be heard clearly the first time. If you call upon this angel you may want to brace yourself and just get the message as opposed to making repeat patterns that aren’t serving you. Help/messages are not always gift wrapped in unicorns and butterflies. Often help and messages are hard and uncomfortable because change is happening, hence being uncomfortable. Michael, an angel who is passionate about truth and acute justice, his message may not be one that you want to hear, but he is not the angel to hold your hand and give you a tissue. He is the angel of tough love and keeps things short and sweet. 

A few more tidbits:

  • As the number 1 angel, give a nod to this beautiful angel when you see the number 11. Inhale courage from this angel of strength to trust in your own individual intuition and personal instincts. 
  • This immortal angel has super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, sonic cry, flight, acidic blood, telepathy, and the power to speak to animals.
  • He is put in charge of nature, rain, snow, wind, thunder, and lightning. 

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