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In One’s Element began as an in-home massage therapy practice in Prescott, AZ in 1998 with Jennifer Spiroff, who expanded the business over the years to include Reiki energy medicine, yoga, holistic health, and frequency healing.

In One’s Element now consists of Jennifer and Myia, a mother-daughter team who work together with students and clients for healing and personal growth. Each have worked in natural healing and the realm of metaphysical healing for more than two decades. Read more about us below.

Based in beautiful Prescott, AZ, we work with students in-person and distantly around the world.

Please note: our main address is a private location. After booking an in-person session, course, or class, you should receive the address of our healing space in your confirmation email (check spam). If you do not receive the email or cannot find our location, please reach out via phone call or text.

Call/text Jennifer | (928)-925-0519
Call/text Myia | (928)-356-8507

For questions or to schedule a free consultation please text, call, email us at info@inoneselement.org, or contact us through the form.

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Meet the Practitioners


• B.S. Holistic Nutrition
• Massage Therapist of 25 Years
• Certified in Sumits Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra
• Usui Reiki Master Teacher
• Tuning fork practitioner


It has been said
forgiveness is the greatest gift
we can give ourselves –
forgiveness in others,
but also forgiveness of self.
We are the most critical and judgmental
of ourselves.
This inner critic does so much more harm
than criticism that comes from others.
Forgive yourself
for trusting others and getting hurt,
for not knowing,
for not seeing,
for not believing.
You are human and you are growing and learning.

– Michelle A. Motuzas


Myia received her certifications as a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher and Clinical Transpersonal Hypnotherapist with training in past-life-regression and age regression from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ.

She had been a self-learned student of metaphysical healing and practices for many years, with her interests in energy starting from her toddler years. Long discussions with her mom about the auras around trees, people, and animals, and the energy beings Myia was seeing, as well as practicing energy healing and the use of pendulum healing from such early ages greatly shaped her as she grew older.

Later, an interest in astrology and the waves of energy and patterns that affect us as a collective, and a strong feeling that there are Universal forces guiding us humans to learn our lessons of spiritual growth, (and with a strong need to find purpose in her own life) would eventually lead Myia to read Brian Weiss’s Many Lives, Many Masters, and become fascinated with Dr. Michael Newton’s Life Between Lives.

The realization that she could become a practitioner who could help people and explore the realms of the unknown at the same time became a focal point of life. After becoming certified in energy healing and hypnotherapy, she immediately began working one-on-one with clients and leading classes side by side with her mom, helping others to release and explore their own possibilities in life.

With now several years of solid practicing under her belt, more and more information began to come to her around how to remove attachments and “peel the layers of the onion” to reveal a persons pure essence – their true self. An ability to see karmic connections on the people she worked on became more prevalent – unjustified connections that were no longer “teaching a lesson” but now inhibiting a person from fully living in their true power and essence.

Myia has developed what she calls a more “shamanic” practice through communication with her guides and knowledge from ancestors and her own past lives. She now specializes in the removal of entities and karmic connections from the akashic records and soul blue-prints, whether they are from past lives, generational “curses”, or inter-dimensional unfriendlies. In addition to this, Myia helps those she works with in connecting to their many gifts, talents, and the forms that their true nature takes in expressing itself in the different dimensions we occupy (animal totems, guides, star system connections, origin of the soul and preferred form – whether on planet or off planet).

Minerva – Beliefs

I am what I think
my life is shaped and formed
by what I tell myself
Who I am in the world
is who I think I am
What I have in the world
is what I think I can have
The contents of my mind
are what I choose
I discard, cut out, drop
that which doesn’t contribute
What others believe about me
is their story
It tells more about what they think
than who I am
In my journey
I make sure that what I carry
is of my own careful choosing
and serves me well

– Amy Sophia Marashinsky

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