Who We Are

In One’s Element began as an in-home massage therapy practice in Prescott, AZ in 1998 with Jennifer, who expanded the business over the years to include yoga, holistic health, and healing retreats.

IOE now consists of Jennifer and Myia, a mother-daughter team who work together with students and clients for healing and personal growth. Each have worked in natural healing and the realm of metaphysical healing for more than two decades.

Based in beautiful Prescott, AZ, we work with students in-person and distantly around the world.

Please note: our main address is a private location. After booking an in-person session, course, or class, you should receive the address of our healing space in your confirmation email (check spam). If you do not receive the email or cannot find our location, please reach out via phone call or text.

Call/text Jennifer | (928)-925-0519
Call/text Myia | (480)-686-1464

For questions or to schedule a free consultation please email us at info@inoneselement.org, or contact us through the form below.

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Meet the Practitioners


• B.S. Holistic Nutrition
• Massage Therapist of 24 Years
• Certified in Sumits, Yin, and Yoga Nidra
• Usui Reiki Master Teacher


It has been said
forgiveness is the greatest gift
we can give ourselves –
forgiveness in others,
but also forgiveness of self.
We are the most critical and judgmental
of ourselves.
This inner critic does so much more harm
than criticism that comes from others.
Forgive yourself
for trusting others and getting hurt,
for not knowing,
for not seeing,
for not believing.
You are human and you are growing and learning.

– Michelle A. Motuzas


• Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
• Certified Shamanic Usui Reiki Master Teacher
• Certified in past-life-regression
• Lifelong arua/energy reader

Minerva – Beliefs

I am what I think
my life is shaped and formed
by what I tell myself
Who I am in the world
is who I think I am
What I have in the world
is what I think I can have
The contents of my mind
are what I choose
I discard, cut out, drop
that which doesn’t contribute
What others believe about me
is their story
It tells more about what they think
than who I am
In my journey
I make sure that what I carry
is of my own careful choosing
and serves me well

– Amy Sophia Marashinsky

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